Eki. 4, 2019 Live from the road

Bozcaada - Çanakkale

Reported by Ondřej Mocný 62.0 km

Good morning, Bozcaada!

Bozcaada is a beautiful island in Aegean Sea near Turkish coast.

We started in Istiklal school at the island.

And we made friends very soon.

The school is right next to the castle of Bozcaada.

Thank you Bozcaada!

From the island we had to take ferry back to the mainland.

Pretty soon we ran in to Geyikli Ortaokulu.

Some of the kids remembered us from 4 years ago.

The nature around Geyikli is full of grasslands. The area is famous for its cheese.

Time to run around!

Time to make more friends.

There are also signs of modern industry in the region.

As well as some older industry.

Later in the afternoon we visited Doğa Koleji in Çanakkale.

We visit the school often, so we decided to try to learn the Peace Run song together.

Kids prepared nice banners and pictures about peace.

Together we planted a Peace Tree in the school garden.

Everybody had a chance to participate.

We hope the tree will grow as peace and love grows in this school.

And shortly after running through fields we arrived in Çanakkale Our main running part is finished! We have covered hundreds of kilometres from Izmir to Çanakkale and met hundreds of children and other nice people on the way. Tomorrow we'll take part in activities around the Gallipoli Marathon. See ya!

Torch carried by
Balavan Thomas (Great Britain), Dima Saralidze (Georgia), Guzel Shaikhutdinova (Russia), Josef Sverma (Czech Republic), Kader Doğru (Turkey), Katya Chunzuk (Ukraine), Luis Pedro Romero Perez (Guatemala), Ondřej Mocný (Czech Republic), Ratuja Zub (Belarus), Sravana Novikova (Russia), Todorka Petrovska (North Macedonia).  
Dima Saralidze, Katya Chunzuk
The torch has travelled 62.0 km from Bozcaada to Çanakkale.

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