oct. 5, 2019 Live from the road

Daytrip Rumonge and Blue Bay, Lake Tanganyika - Bujumbura

Reported by Vasanti Niemz 1.0 km

We were invited by the Ministry of Culture and Sports to a day trip along Lake Tanganyika - and were happy to see some of Burundi's countryside.

The roads outside Burundi started to become bumpier towards Rumonge - and the trip finally took 3 hours one way instead of 2.

Mme Irambona and her team seemed very happy to take this day trip with us.

Balancing act - admirable!

Along the road lots of small palm oil plantations. Palm oil production has risen considerably in the last 10 years in Burundi.

China is creating lots of jobs in Burundi, here a hydropower station project.

Locals on their way to a festivity - probably to one of the many weddings celebrated over the weekends.

Traffic in Burundi - and later Kenya and Tanzania - was absolutely fascinating. We saw not a single accident - everyone is flexible and finds their way past everyone else it seems.

Towards Rumonge

Another wedding celebration

Very friendly people everywhere.

Wedding gathering at the lake in Rumonge.

We wanted to bring out the Peace Torch, but were told we cannot hold an "assembly" without official permission, so we just shared the flag.

Intense activity on the road in Rumonge

Peanut seller - happy to have customers

In awe of the bicycle riders on our way back.

Fields for cassava or maniok?

Next stop our special destination - a resort at the Blue Bay at Lake Tanganyika. We felt privileged.

Magical view - to the mountain range of the Democratic Republic of Congo an the other shore.

What about a peace swim across the width of the lake - would that be possible?

The water of Lake Tanganyika, the second largest lake in Africa, and second deepest in the world, is said to be safe. Charity stage swims along its length have been done before.

Enjoying the peace and infinity of the calm and clear water.

The lake borders on 4 countries and connects them: Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo.

There is not much time left before we need to head back.

Mme Rosette Irambona - the main organizer of our stay and Peace Run event here in Burundi.

A mango tree!

Every evening\ I swim in the sea\  Of peace.\ - Sri Chinmoy

Evening peace.

Torch carried by
Martina Šimoníková (Czech Republic), Phaedra Rosario (United States), Pierre Bell (Cameroon), Vasanti Niemz (Germany).  
Accompanied by  
Mme Rosette Irambona
Vasanti Niemz
The torch has travelled 1.0 km from Daytrip Rumonge and Blue Bay, Lake Tanganyika to Bujumbura.

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