Turkey 6 October: Gelibolu Maratonu

Gellipoli Marathon

The Gallipoli Marathon takes place at the Gallipoli peninsula around monuments of WWI veterans and serene nature.

It is a day full of photoshooting with both new friends,

and with good old friends such as these triathletes.

Some of us took part in the 5 km fun run / walk for general public.

Others joined the 10 km run.

But we welcomed all at the finish line.

As part of the program there was a ceremony dedicating 100 000 new trees to be planted in a "peace forest" in area hit by forest fires.

At the finish line.

The park around this race turned out to be a very relaxing place.

Start / finish area.

We stood by and cheered on finishing runners.

Most were very excited to see us clapping.

And that's how this year's Peace Run finished. By watching the waves come and go :) And so we also have to go now, but will come back soon enough.