Turkey 5 October: Çanakkale

marathon expo & yoga

Good morning Çanakkale!

Already on the ferry we're quite popular attraction.

This guy is fishing here for quite a while already.

The best way to start Saturday morning is with some yoga.

The dogs did their own stretching.

Katya was leading the yoga session.

You can tell she has some serious yoga experiences!

Already in a relaxed mood.

We then moved to the marathon expo.

Kids came by and started to make torches from paper.

Soon it became popular and people were walking around with torches in hand.

Some kids were eager to run around.

Visitors from Kazakhstan.

Future doctors representing the medical faculty. A cheerful bunch of students with hearts in the right place.

Together with the marathon organizers.

As you can see, this year's marathon has very relaxed atmosphere.

Peace torch for everybody!

And yet another beautiful sunset.