Lis. 5, 2019 Live from the road


Reported by Devashishu Torpy 10.0 km

The city of Hvar on the island of Hvar

The fortress overlooking the city

Peace Runners arrive by ferry from the mainland

Today is the inauguration of a new event to celebrate the city - RUN FOR FUN. There is a 2K race for the kids and a 6K and 10K race for the older children and adults

Three torches - one will be carried in each race.

The organiser welcoming the Peace Run and it's message to Hvar.

The three organisers give us a very warm welcome.

This young boy ran with the Peace Run two years ago in Omiš - on the Dalmatian coast.

All the runners receive gifts.

And they're off .....

The 6 and 10K runners head off in one direction.

The 2K runners in another direction.

Roxana and Goga run with the children in the 2K.

Nastya, Gesiane and Toyesa are running the 10K.

Angikar, Narmadyuti and Devashishu are running the 6K.

The route heads steeply up the hill on a 200 metre altitude climb.

Now for some downhill.

Toyesa takes a moment to breathe at the top of one climb.

A stunning view from the heights.

Chinese tourists hold the torch and wish us well.

Narmadyuti descends the stairs into the old city.

The young ones finish the 2K.

Peace runners finishing the 6K.

Peace runners finishing the 10K.

The medals are hand-made and recyclable.

Gesiane meets a fellow Brazilian.

Angikar has a special appointment with an ice cream.

Torch carried by
Anastasiia Konova (Ukraine), Angikar Djordjevic (Serbia), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Gesiane Nascimento (Brazil), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Jelena Pribanic (Croatia), Narmadyuti Ridzi (Slovenia), Roxana Magdici (Romania), Salil Wilson (Australia), Toyesa Mrkonjić (Croatia).  
Angikar Djordjevic, Devashishu Torpy, Gordana Petrovčić, Salil Wilson, Toyesa Mrkonjić
The torch has travelled 10.0 km in Hvar.

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