Austria 11 June: Ober-Grafendorf - Wien

lots of kids and sweat

School day in Austria! The temperature climbed to historic heights, but we kept going.

Our first meeting brought us to Ober-Grafendorf. The mayor and children from the nearby primary school awaited us on the main square...

The kids prepared balloons with greeting messages attached...

..ready to go: three, two, one....

...and the good wishes got air-borne.

The children performed for us...

The mayor invited our team members to sign the golden book of the city: the Peace Run got a full page!

Thank you for the heartfelt meeting!

We reached Neulengbach and the kids lined up on the school-sportsfield.

A packed presentation, as everybody tried to be in the shade....

After passing the torch we took all the kids for a symbolic run around the field.

Thanks for the enthusiasm!

A group of children joined us further for a 2-km run along a cycling path.

Great running! Thanks for the fun!

Eichgraben was next: first we went to the "Neue Schule", a lovely place hidden in the forest (and uphill!)

A real nice meeting. Thanks alot!

The primary school Eichgraben was next. The temperature was close to 40C.

We had a joyful presentation...

...and all the children ran with us to the city hall.

...a musical performance - including the "Peace Rap".

The community representative treated all of us for ice cream - that's a perfect finish!

Pressbaum was next:

kids from the primary school awaited us...

They really worked hard for the certificate!

...its hard to blow out the flame....

A small, but a very joyful meeting! Thank you for the friendship!