June 11, 2014 Live from the road

Ober-Grafendorf - Wien

Reported by Dipavajan Renner 68.0 km

School day in Austria! The temperature climbed to historic heights, but we kept going.

Our first meeting brought us to Ober-Grafendorf. The mayor and children from the nearby primary school awaited us on the main square...

The kids prepared balloons with greeting messages attached...

..ready to go: three, two, one....

...and the good wishes got air-borne.

The children performed for us...

The mayor invited our team members to sign the golden book of the city: the Peace Run got a full page!

Thank you for the heartfelt meeting!

We reached Neulengbach and the kids lined up on the school-sportsfield.

A packed presentation, as everybody tried to be in the shade....

After passing the torch we took all the kids for a symbolic run around the field.

Thanks for the enthusiasm!

A group of children joined us further for a 2-km run along a cycling path.

Great running! Thanks for the fun!

Eichgraben was next: first we went to the "Neue Schule", a lovely place hidden in the forest (and uphill!)

A real nice meeting. Thanks alot!

The primary school Eichgraben was next. The temperature was close to 40C.

We had a joyful presentation...

...and all the children ran with us to the city hall.

...a musical performance - including the "Peace Rap".

The community representative treated all of us for ice cream - that's a perfect finish!

Pressbaum was next:

kids from the primary school awaited us...

They really worked hard for the certificate!

...its hard to blow out the flame....

A small, but a very joyful meeting! Thank you for the friendship!

Torch carried by
Akrura Bogea (Brazil), Austrian runners (Austria), Carlos Machado (Brazil), Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Dragan Nikolic (Serbia), Endre Olah (Hungary), Harikanta Ketova (Russia), Irena Majerova (Czech Republic), Joana Ferreira (Portugal), Salil Wilson (Australia), Thomas Strohn (Germany), Uhaina Maya (Mexico).  
Dipavajan Renner, Irena Majerova
The torch has travelled 68.0 km from Ober-Grafendorf to Wien.

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