Juni 9, 2022 Live from the road

Zwentendorf - Vienna

Reported by Vaibhava Kuschnow 68.0 km

Our day began with a fantastic reception at the primary school and NMS in Zwentendorf

Zwentendorf has a strong culture of working for peace in the comunity, which of course starts with the children

feeling peace

We were not sure about if we were going to end up in pouring rain, but apart from a few drops the weather gods were merciful

Country guessing was a bit of a challenge due to the lack of microphones..

...but in the end they got all of us right

...and sang nevertheless

sharpening your peace-recognition-skills:)

right! Pushing away your competition does not help peace and friendship:)

Know the motto (Peace begins with me!) and shout it as loud as you can!

Passing the torch to the principal of the primary school, Monika Nikowitz

We indeed managed to get everybody together for a group shot before the kids blasted off towards the Danube

Out of control, but full of joy!

Rose petals for peace...

beautiful atmosphere

Small appreciation for the NMS Zwentendorf

Last team picture at the Danube-Peace-Blossom-Dedication-Stone

Our next stop was in Tulln in front of the Egon Schiele primary school where quite a few children came to participate in the worlds greatest run dedicated to world peace.

Relay - this is how we do all the daily miles

Where might she be from???

The hand is the torch and the thumb is the flame

Happy future peace runners

Who wants to be a member of our team??

The city sports councilor of Tulln Johannes Blauensteiner received the torch on behalf of the city

holding the torch together

a wish for peace

Goga from Croatia is great at entertaining the kids

And of course - RUNNING!!

Our next meeting is at the Harald-Godai music school in St. Andrä-Wördern

We start right away by feeling the peace inside our heart

The school had prepared some beautiful peace songs for us

...and we taught them our World Harmony Run song

Passing the torch to principal, Mrs Katrin Thein

There is something very special about carrying a flame for peace

The children created a beautiful archway of branches for us to run in and out of school. Very very touching

Next up was a privat school, the "Neue Wege Schule" in Greifenstein

Here they had some international students and we reversed our country guessing game - we had to guess (and sing)

even skeletons can have a heart of peace

Old school building - new ways of teaching

Oneness and fulness..

Passing the torch to principal Andreas Deutsch

Peace comes from within

The school has a small enclosure with chickens in its garden

A few loops around the school garden

After a very windy lunch break near the Danube we continued to visit the next school - GALEMO Montessori school in Klosterneuburg

Free chickens

5km, 10km, 15km...

Luckily only chickens and no dinosaurs in the garden

Principal Katharina Jurkowitsch taking the Peace Torch from Vaibhava

matching colors

Yours is the first step

Thank you!!

Being kids from time to time is so important!!

In the evening we had another wonderful meeting at "Secret Garden" - one of the best vegan restaurants in Vienna: Catharina Roland, director of two very inspiring movies was honored with the Torchbearer award.

Salil, the executive director of speaks about what the Peace Run is all about

Vishwarupani and Catharina - two bodies - one heart

Catharina is a wonderful, inspiring and love spreading human being and a true Torch Bearer of a happy new world we are trying to create

With family


The room was surcharged with positive, creative energy, love and gratitude to such an extent that some of us (myself included) had really hard time to fight tears...

Catharina led us through a wonderful tangible visualization of the new world for which she works very very hard.

Sri Chinmoys peace poems read by Ruparashmi completed the program.

Torch carried by
Devashishu Torpy (Europe), International runners (Europe), Sandro Zincarini (Europe), Vaibhava Kuschnow (Europe).  
Accompanied by  
Local runner from Vienna
Sandro Zincarini
The torch has travelled 68.0 km from Zwentendorf to Vienna.

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