Oct. 19, 2014 Live from the road

Uluru, NY - Yulara, NT

Reported by Prabuddha Nicol 19.0 km

It was an early (4.45am) start today! The combined team made its way to the Mala car park area of 'The Rock’ to circumnavigate it with the Peace Torch. The wind was gusting quite strongly making the flame dart in all directions as we posed for a group shot pre-dawn.

As the run rose, our driver was on the other side of Uluru to witness the sunrise.

Instead of running we walked so that all the team members could keep together and appreciate the beautiful morning and the Presence of Uluru with all its fascinating rock formations.

As we took it in turns to carry the Torch (it’s approx. 8km around Uluru) we continually met groups of people out and about experiencing the beauty of Uluru and its surrounding landscape, fauna and flora.

Onward we walked towards more interesting areas of the great “Rock" ...

... big slabs of rock broken off the face, gullies chiselled from wind and rain ...

... a sacred water hole nestled in one of the valleys was a sanctuary for some melodic whistling birds.

The loop finished with a final sprint for some.

After our inspiring walk around Uluru we headed back to our campsite for breakfast before gathering for a presentation at the Yulara Amphitheatre ...

... organised by the Yulara Public Relations manager, Tamma Kirkby.

Tamma's little long-haired chihuahua was an instant sensation among the team.

At 10.30 our team made our entrance for the formal though humble presentation for the Yulara community.

Before a small audience we gave a presentation about the Peace Run, introducing each runner and finishing with a resounding rendition of the World Harmony Run song, composed by the founder Sri Chinmoy and with actions we have added to give the children and adults some participation fun.

Some of the children from the Yulara School we had visited on Friday joined us for the performance.

Tamma was presented with the Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the running team who have made our home here in Yulara for the past three days.

Afterwards we passed the Torch around amongst those gathered for the occasion.

Anne, one of the ladies present, had just won several events at the recent Alice Springs Masters Games. She was so inspired by the event that she pledged her help to come and run with the team later that day as we would start the run from Uluru.

Anne's daughter Hana ...

... and husband Peter – all from Canberra – joined in holding the Peace Torch together.

Peace Run Australia National Coordinator Stacey Marsh ponders the commencement of what has seen months of preparations.

Team captain Prabuddha Nicol gathered the flags.

Principal photogrpaher Prabhakar Street from Canada getting his eye in focus.

Kaspars Zakis from Latvia, the team's second photographer and principal canine lover.

Our newly-arrived and youngest team member – and excellent runner –Yashodevi Samar from Ukraine.

We salute the driving team who drove our three vehicles from Canberra in preparation for the start: Rathin Boulton and "Dr" Yin Lee from Canberra, Pranava Gigja from Iceland, Prabuddha Nicol (Perth) and Prabhakar Street (Canada).

There was some time to relax at the shopping centre – we won't be seeing another of these for over a week!

The team spent the afternoon relaxing and getting the vehicles and equipment ready for an early departure tomorrow.

Now the Torch is poised to finally start its epic journey.

At five o’clock we departed for Uluru. Our men's team ...

... is soon joined by our women's team ...

... then the whole team pose for our last photos with the great “Rock”.

After a few "warm up" strides with the Torch ...

... the women’s team, Stacey Marsh (New Zealand) accompanied by their new member Anne, took to the road.

This was an ideal time and place to take footage of this historic run from Uluru.

Yashodevi Samar (Ukraine) carried the Torch further from The Rock.

Hastakamala Diaz (Perth) who had just arrived by plane at noon and sporting new shoes and a big smile, was next to join Anne ...

... followed by Nurari Mery (Great Britain) enjoying her first experience of the Australian Outback.

Niribili File (New Zealand) brought the Torch with Anne into the Sunset Viewing area, where the men's team was already gathered.

The whole team paused here for the final chance to view Uluru by sunset.

We thank our good friend Yin Lee who will be returning to Canberra tomorrow.

Another chance for the some practise strides waiting for the sunset ...

... with Australia's most famous view.

The men's team now brought the Torch the final short 13km into the last light of the day back to the Yulara Resort intersection where we will start bright and early tomorrow. Pranava Gigja (Iceland) leads the way ...

... followed by a meditative Dhiraja McBryde (New Zealand).

Next is the newly-arrived Bayarkhuu Batbayar from Mongolia, a star of the team which ran all the way around the continent of Australia last year.

As Kata Tjuta fades into the night ...

... Mr Lee brings the Torch to the junction, our starting place tomorrow.

Destination: Canberra.

Torch carried by
Ankhi Elliott (Australia), Batbayar Bayarkhuu (Mongolia), Dhiraja Mc Bryde (New Zealand), Felix Lindner (Switzerland), Hastakamala Diaz (Australia), Kaspars Zakis (Latvia), Niribili File (New Zealand), Nurari Merry (Great Britain), Prabhakar Street (Canada), Prabuddha Nicol (Australia), Prachar Stegemann (Australia), Pranava Runar Gigja (Iceland), Rathin Boulton (Australia), Stacey Marsh (New Zealand), Vilasi Grey (Australia), Vilasin Webber (Australia), Yashodevi Samar (Ukraine), Yin Lee (Australia).  
Kaspars Zakis, Prabhakar Street , Prachar Stegemann, Stacey Marsh
The torch has travelled 19.0 km from Uluru, NY to Yulara, NT.

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