Australia 4 June: Swansea, NSW - Sydney, NSW

Into Sydney

Our peace torch started it's journey at first light.

Nurari, one of our drivers, needed to put in the miles before Constance – our only other driver – sadly had to leave and return to work in the Northern Rivers Region.

Our girls' team then travelled along the Pacific Highway towards Sydney, for some great Sunday running.

Cyclists gave us a lot of joy as they shouted their greeting over the four lane highway! We had a quick turnover of 5km stints and finished our running in time for lunch, where we sat in a Wyoming park and watched a local football match.

We are becoming fitter, stronger and faster from running every day.

The boys team ran in towards Manly.

From Manly, the Torch would be carried by ferry into the city ...

... so while waiting for the Torch to arrive at Manly, the boys could indulge in their favourite pastime.

Danny and Sut.

The appearance of the van means the runners must not be far away...

... running along the Manly foreshore.

Bayarkhuu and Nikolaus on board the Many Ferry.

Nikolaus and Matthew.

Sadly, today we farewell Niribili who has been a power of strength on our girls team. We will catch up with her again in Canberra next week.

The whole team is staying tonight courtesy of the fine hospitality of Sydney Harbour YHA at The Rocks.