Sept. 13, 2018 Live from the road

Waikerie - Blanchetown

Reported by Grahak Cunningham 73.0 km

Running out of Waikerie along the lagoon was a great start to our morning. It was 5k till Ramco Primary.

The children were happy to see us. We were happy to see them.

Singing the World Harmony Run song.

Prabuddha was the original choreographer. The actions are used around the world now!

Going for a run.

Forming a heart near the playground.

It is orange country here. The area is a main part of Australia's food bowl.

On the ferry.

Morgan Primary was fantastic. Plus we met a lot of dogs.

Blu (a blue heeler) followed us in. He had walked ten kilometres from his owners ute to the school because he loves kids. Just like the Peace Run! His owner came and got him after he'd had a million pats.

The kids at Morgan Primary had a multicultural lunch. They shared it generously with the runners.

The students and staff were lovely, warm and welcoming.

And jumping for joy.

Wishes for peace.


Morgan Primary staff and students. The principal is holding the torch. The tree has a lovely circle of benches around it, where the kids shared their art and poems for peace. It is also now dedicated as a peace tree.


Another dog we met bringing smiles.

Sascha with his favourite poodle.

Thanks to Sean and Mandy for hosting the runners at Riverside Holiday Park. Charming and beautiful.

Torch carried by
Abhinandan Willis (Australia), Alexandr Nikiforov (Russia), Grahak Cunningham (Australia), Padmalaya Marek (Australia), Padmanandana Marek (Australia), Prabuddha Nicol (Australia), Rathin Boulton (Australia).  
Padmanandana Marek
The torch has travelled 73.0 km from Waikerie to Blanchetown.

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