Feb. 22, 2019 Live from the road

Canberra - Cooma

Reported by Devashishu Torpy 122.0 km

This morning we met at the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile in Canberra for a 2 mile race. The two young sisters, Lucia and Aurelia (in the blue school uniforms), set off at a fast pace carrying the torch.

Hemabha is from South Korea and today she is celebrating her birthday.

Not far away is the statue of the founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy.

Our next appointment is at St Benedict's Primary School in Narrabundah, in the south part of Canberra. The staff remember our previous visit three years ago.

The Principal passes the torch to one of her students.

The children at this school learn Italian. The neighbourhood was originally settled by many Italian families.

A long road leads us out of Canberra towards the Snowy Mountains.

Bayarkhuu from Mongolia joins us for a couple of days. He is an excellent runner.

Vananiya is also from Mongolia.

Seeking shelter in the shade as we wait for the runner. Today the temperature gets up to 27 degrees. There is a nice strong cooling breeze which makes it a perfect day for running.

The students at Bredbo school had spent time preparing for our arrival and discussed what the Peace Run is and what Peace means to them. They had all traced their hands and wrote on each of the fingers what peace meant to them.

Brylee the Vice Captain of the school came up to receive the Certificate of Appreciation and artwork on behalf of the school.

The children had many questions for the team, and then one of the teachers brought out a little baby possum that she had rescued. The children are looking after it until it is big enough to be released back into the wild. So altogether we had 8 students, 2 teachers, one possum and 7 Peace Runners!

Robert enjoys another high mileage day.

Goncalo and Devashishu carry the torch into Bredbo.

Happy Birthday Hemabha!

Thanks to Dave from Kinross Inn Motel for hosting some of the mens team and for also kindly giving us some power and a place to cook dinner for the team tonight. https://www.kinrossinn.com.au/

A big thank you to Susie at the Nebula Motel for kindly hosting 5 of our women's team ....

... and to Norman at Cooma Motor Lodge for hosting the 6 of the team tonight.

Torch carried by
Akrura Bogea (Brazil), Ashadeep Volkhardt (Australia), Batbayar Bayarkhuu (Mongolia), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Goncalo Rei (Portugal), Hemabha Jang (Korea), Katharina Brötzner (Austria), Natabara Rollosson (United States), Nidhruvi Zimmermann (Austria), Nirjharini Brandt (Germany), Nurari Merry (Great Britain), Prachar Stegemann (Australia), Pushpendra Uppal (Australia), Robert Benedek (Hungary), Saranyu Pearson (Australia), Stacey Marsh (New Zealand), Tavishi Matthews (Australia), Valeriy Bilokryl (Ukraine), Vananiya Osgon (Mongolia).  
Goncalo Rei, Natabara Rollosson, Valeriy Bilokryl
The torch has travelled 122.0 km from Canberra to Cooma.

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