Canada 30 July: Cobourg, ON - Kingston, ON

Kingston Here We Come

This morning we said goodbye to two of our strongest runners. Kanala from Slovakia was a super dynamic member of the team and is returning to work at the U.N.

Pranlobha's youthful enthusiasm will be missed by the whole team. She heads back to Seattle to work at Silence-Heart Nest, a wonderful vegetarian restaurant.

We were very grateful to meet our dear friends at the Annapurna Vegetarian Restaurant. They kindly hosted the team during our stay in Toronto. Shivaram, Devavira, Kaushalya and all the other staff made us feel like family.

Shivram and Devavira started the Annapurna restaurant in 1974. It has sustained a very high quality of vegetarian Indian food as well as an international menu which is highly rated in the great city of Toronto.

On the road again. Our official photographer, Yatkara from Ukraine, times himself so we are not late to get to Kingston this evening.

Salil takes the torch in the heat of the day.

Make a wish for peace.

Sometimes the traffic can get quite hectic as we run safely on the shoulders.

Olivia met some really nice locals along the way.

There was a great street fair on the girls running route.

The children's smiles keep us going.

Could it be a flowery mexican sombrero?

Time for some peace music.

Victoria was clearly happy to discover her Park.

The women's team also met up with some superheroes.

Fouer wonderful smiles and peace and friendship.

The team reaches Grafton.

Wildflowers everywhere kept us inspired even with all the traffic.

After a perfect day of running we headed to our campground at sunset to rest in the city of Kingston.