July 1, 2019 Live from the road

St. John's, Newfoundland

Reported by Brahmata Michael

Happy Canada Day! In the early morning, a group of Peace Runners headed up to Signal Hill for the 6 am sunrise ceremony. It was a foggy morning, to say the least!

Here in Newfoundland, Canada Day is also Memorial Day when the brave efforts of the province’s veterans, particularly those who participated in World War I, are commemorated. The flag is raised at half-mast until noon to observe this occasion.

Despite the weather, a good sized group started to accumulate atop Signal Hill before the ceremony. Barely visible in the distance is Cabot Tower, where the first ever transatlantic signal was received.

The Peace Torch was lit up and passed around for people to make their own silent wish for peace.

Nancy, James and Aayrn held the torch before embarking on a seven week cycling journey from Cape Spear, NL to Vancouver, BC called From the Rock to the Rockies. The ride will raise $30,000 for the Child and Youth Mental Health In Patient Unit at Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie, Ontario. We were honored to meet them before they set out on their ride.

Both people and pups were in the Canada Day spirit!

Parks Canada personnel held the torch.

Our three new friends from The Newfoundland Chocolate Company were so enthusiastic about the Peace Run! Thank you for your smiles, the great conversation and the chocolate.

Swathi Sharma made a meditative wish for peace.

We treated ourselves to some Newfoundland hot chocolate and Canada Day cupcakes, the breakfast of champions!

Peace and love.

A reporter from NTV interviewed Brahmata about the Peace Run.

The Canada Day fireworks over Quidi Vidi lake were postponed until July 3rd due to inclement weather, but they were worth the wait!

After the display, we shared the Peace Torch and asked people to reflect on peace as they held it.

We made some new peace-loving friends from Brazil.

Lots of children were out with their families and they all wanted a chance to hold the torch and make their wish for peace.

"O good Canada's oneness-heart
In you I see the perfection-start
Your blue vision-worlds run and sail..."

-Sri Chinmoy

The happy Peace Run team at Quidi Vidi lake. We love you, Newfoundland! We love you, Canada!

Torch carried by
Abhijit Emery (Canada), Brahmacharini Rebidoux (Canada), Brahmata Michael (Canada), Utsahi St. Armand (Canada).  
Accompanied by  
Hajar AlKazarji (CA)
Utsahi St. Armand

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