Switzerland 19 May: Arzo - Lugano

Rainbows of Peace

A shower of rain overnight has cooled the air and provided a fresh start to our day of running in the Ticino region

Our first school in Rancate

Our second school in Arzo

These drawings will be exhibited at the Colosseum in Rome in September along with drawings from children around the world

The teachers take the torch for a run around the children

Our third scholl in Lignoretto

Romano, our coordinator, leads the children in a run for Peace

In Mendrisio a large group is waiting for us

Mountain Silence play music for the children

A TV interview for Patricia

We arrive at the Swiss Miniatur in Melide - where the Peace Run has been welcomed before on more than one occasion

The director accepts the torch

This is minature Switzerland

The next school is in Lugano

The children help us carry the torch to the final school for the day

More pictures for Peace