Switzerland 26 March: Silvaplana - Chur

We leave the snowy Swiss mountain behind

Thank you for having invited us for the delicious dinner.

Thank you for hosting the international Team.

The last view of the frozen lake.

Over the Julier Pass (2'284m).

An unexpected surprise: the 6 school kids from Bivio.

In the distance you see already all the school kids from the whole valley, exept the 6 from Bivio :-)

A big thank you to Jörg Bühler, he organized all the kids from the schools in Savognin.

They performed beautifully songs for the Peace Run team.

Elita Florin, the Mayor of Bonaduz receives the Peace torch.

Mr. Näf community leader of Bonaduz organized a nice Buffet.

Some school kids from Chur joined the team.

Many thanks to Fabio Cantoni (in yellow) who organized the kids.

Patrik Degiacomi, city council of Chur welcomed us.

A present from Chur.

Paparazzi in action.

Many thank to the Hotel Chur, that hosted the international team.