Germany 24 June: Waldsassen - Bayreuth

running through the Fichtelgebirge

Germany reloaded: coming from the Czech Republic, our team reached Germany for the second time this year!

It was time to say good bye to our Czech Team. Thank you for hosting the Peace Run and for the outstanding hospitality!

We arrived in Waldsassen, a small, beautiful village at the edge of the "Fichtelgebirge"...

Mr. Sommer, the mayor of Waldsassen, welcomed us on the main square...

...a quick group picture in the Summer heat. Thank you Waldsassen for the kind welcome!

...the temperature was rising up to 36º Centigrade!

A quick stop in Marktredwitz. The city representative for sport, Mr. Kopatsch, received the torch.


...a group of children dropped by and passed the torch as well.

Thank you Marktredwitz for the nice welcome!

We arrived in Kulmain.

Despite the heat Mr. Kopp, mayor of Kulmain, welcomed the international team.

....a group picture and then we went on with the refreshments!

Homemade cake and other sweets!

A big hand to the cook! Thank you Kulmain for the hospitality!

...the last stretch in the heat....

We reached Bayreuth. Special thanks to the Cafe Kraftraum for hosting our team!