Mai 13, 2017 Live from the road

Koblenz - Bad Kreuznach

Reported by Devashishu Torpy 83.0 km

We begin our day running along the Rhine, which only gets more and more stunning with every step

It is a Saturday and our first port of call is the Old City Hall in Boppard

Herr Hasbach greets us in Boppard

Castles are dotted all along the banks of the Rhine

Samalya finds a cave

We happen upon a Ritter Festival - a festival where people dress up in Medieval costumes

Our knight in shining armour!

New Peace Run uniform?

In Bingen Am Rhein we take a look at a 530 year old crane used for loading ships on the Rhine

The Mayor of Bingen am Rhein - Uli Monch - receives the torch

He welcomes us to this beautiful paradise on the Rhein - a place where 4 wine regions come together

A present from the city - 'A Mouse Castle'.

We arrive at our destination for the day - Bad Kreuznach - where they are celebrating the renovation of their bridge - the Nahe bridge.

The Mayor - Heike Kaster-Meurer - welcomes us

She walks with us through the old town

We stop for a TV interview

On the stage we present the Peace Run with the Mayor

Dixieland musicians

The Nahe bridge

Thank you to La Perla for delicious pizza!

Torch carried by
Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Mahiya Lindner (Germany), Paramanyu Lebedev (Russia), Patricia Daxner (Germany), Pushkala Tramošlica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Samalya Schaefer (Germany), Vukasin Nikolic (Serbia).  
Paramanyu Lebedev
The torch has travelled 83.0 km from Koblenz to Bad Kreuznach.

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