mai 13, 2017 Live from the road

Saint Louis

Reported by Usika Muckenhumer 1.0 km

The Peace Run Team moves to its new accommodation.

The team arrives at the golden boat

View from our rooms.

Unnatishil introduces the Peace Run to an audience of one hundred people at the “Live Peace Festival”.

Ushika, Max Zandl, Unnatishil are singing the two Peace Run songs most soulfully with Mamadou Saye, holding the torch in front of the audience.

Torch carried by
Mamadou Saye (Austria), Max Zandl (Austria), Stefan Kostner (Austria), Unnatishil Bravo (France), Usika Muckenhumer (Austria).  
Usika Muckenhumer
The torch has travelled 1.0 km in Saint Louis.

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