mai 15, 2017 Live from the road

Saint Louis

Reported by Usika Muckenhumer 2.0 km

First we went to LIMALE N'DIAYE school where we met again with the teachers and the headmaster to present them with the Peace Run Certificates for themselves and all the students.

Then we went to the second school ABDOU DIOUF (named after the 2nd President of Senegal, who was actually a student there, together with other Presidents, incl. the President of Mauretania and other Celebrity's of Senegal) to present them with the PEACE RUN Certificates

Kouthia, best known comedian in Senegal, runs with us and holds the peace torch.

Kouthia wearing our t-shirt and enthusiastically joining the team if only for a short while.

Finally we returned to the Boat to sing the Peace Run Songs for Kouthia and Unnatishil presented the philosophy of the Peace Run and Sri Chinmoy, which was recorded by the TFM TV station for one of Kouthia's shows on TV which is viewed by hundreds of thousands in Senegal.

Kouthia was very enthusiastic about the idea of the Peace Run and the Peace Philosophy behind and he imagined right away how Senegal and the rest of Africa will benefit from it.

Peace Run Team is leaving Senegal.

On the way to the airport we shot some pictures with the symbol of Senegal, the Baobab tree.

Torch carried by
Mamadou Saye (Austria), Max Zandl (Austria), Stefan Kostner (Austria), Unnatishil Bravo (France), Usika Muckenhumer (Austria).  
Usika Muckenhumer
The torch has travelled 2.0 km in Saint Louis.

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