Senegal 12 May: Saint-Louis

New Friends in Senegal

First meeting of the day with philosophy teacher and team of Peace Run and “Live Peace festival.”

Here we are in the first school “Limale´ Ndiaye” in Saint-Louis, Senegal with students, teachers and headmaster of the school

The students did many drawings with peace birds and wrote aphorisms on the theme peace.

More aphorisms on the ropes crossing the court yard.

Peace aphorisms from each continent on earth.

One big play with different scenes, really dramatic, inspiring, uplifting and giving hope for the future.

The torch light with the children.

Performing the Peace Run songs really in the middle of the children.

The Peace Run on its way to the second school in Saint-Louis.

On the way to the second school.

The picture with the headmaster of the school “Abdou Diouf” (the woman in orange on the left)

The Peace Run and the Live Peace Festival Team.