New Zealand 11 May: Upper Hutt - Lower Hutt

Hutt Valley

The rain came pouring down this morning as we continue with the Peace Run to Fraser Primary School.

On the way we meet a couple of local runners who are inspired to join us.

Fraser Crescent School, our first school of the day.

Nelson answering some questions from the children.

We were honoured to have Upper Hutt Mayor Wayne Guppy joining us at the school.

A young tree is dedicated to peace by the school.

Thumbs up!

Artwork by the students for the 'Colors of Peace' exhibition at the Coliseum in Rome.

Running with the Peace Torch

The teachers make a wish for peace.

After the presentation, the runners continue the journey.

Arriving at the council chambers in Lower Hutt.

Lower Hutt mayor Ray Wallace welcomes the Peace Run Team and points out some of the key places of interest in the town.

Anita Mansell receives the Torch Bearer Award from mayor Ray Wallace for her service to the community; especially her work with new immigrants and young people.

Deputy mayor David Bassett, Torch Bearer Award winner Anita Mansell and Ray Wallace share the peace torch.

The Peace Tree is ready to be planted.

Mayor Ray Wallace shovelling soil to cover the roots of the Peace Tree.

Anita Mansell helping to plant the Peace Tree.

Jim with one of the gardeners.