Korea 23 September: Onpyong - Susan

Peace Torch climbs the Oreum

Morning run to Onpyeong Elementary School

Welcomed with a tea party

Finding the peace that lives in all of our hearts

One day, the whole world will be flooded with peace

Peace gives us joy

We've run around the world!

세상을 함께 돌았어요~

Joining the Peace Run team

우리 모두 평화 달리기 주자 입니다

Goodbye Onpyeong Elementary~

We carry the Peace Torch together

Each long journey is covered step by step

우리의 목적지를 향해 달려갑니다~

On our way to our last school on Jeju Island

Susan Elementary School


Peace in our hearts together

내안에서 찾는 평화

Is this peaceful?

No! This isn't peaceful!

Certificate of appreciation for Susan Elementary

Hi-five for everyone!

Climbing the Geomun Oreum, a UNESCO Word Heritage Site

Oreum is Jeju dialect for an offshoot volcano formed by lava flow 10,000 years ago

Geomum Oreum is 456m high

Jeju traditional hareubangs