Korea 16 5월: Iksan - Jeonju

Jeonju Bibimbap

After yesterdays epic ten hours of running and offering the Peace Run torch to an array of locals along the way, today had the team running a 'sneaky route' in to Jeonju, using small roads along the river.

긴 10시간의 달리기를 하면서 많은 지역분들에게 평화 성화를 건냈던 것과 다르게 오늘은 대로가 아닌 한가로운 강가 길을 통해 전주로 들어간다.

The first location visited was the Chonbuk University campus, where students from various faculties and countries held the torch...

우리의 첫번 째 목적지는 전북대학교다. 다양한 전공과 나라의 학생들이 평화 성화를 잡았다.

Dental students...

치과대학 학생

Recent graduates...

취업 준비생



We paid a quick visit to Hemabha's sister Mihwa Jang in her hairdressers.

해마바의 동생 미화가 하는 미용실에 잠깐 들렸다.

It was then off to partake in the dish for which Jeonju is famous- Bibimbap.

전주에서 유명한 비빔밥을 점심으로 먹는다.

A blistering hot bowl of rice and various beautifully presented vegetables which are there to be stirred in.

굉장히 뜨거운 밥공기에 다양하고 아름답게 차려진 야채들을 비벼먹는다.

And then there are an array of side dishes- some greens, some fermented, some spicy, some not. Absolutely delicious and yet another wonderful Korean food experience.

그런 후에 나물과, 장류와, 맵고, 맵지 않은 음식들이 있다. 정말로 맛있고 또다른 훌륭한 한국음식의 경험이다.

Soyong Middle School were very enthusiastic to welcome the Peace Run team to their school.

소양 중학교는 평화 달리기 팀을 그들의 학교로 환영한다.


The School Headmaster and his assistant receiving the certificate of appreciation.

교장선생님, 교감선생님, 교무부장선생님

"Peace Run from Soyang middle school to Songgwang Temple." - For those that can't read Korean!

The school organised a run to the local temple- all 70 students and several teachers joined us on what we were told was a 500 metre run.

It turned out to be the longest 500 metres that most of us had ever experienced- in fact the temple was 4.4km away! It was a pretty huge effort by a great group of teenagers.

500미터인줄 알았는데 알고 보니 4.4킬로미터였다. 십대들이 하기에는 굉장히 긴 거리이다.

Everyone got a very well earned stamp on their arm on reaching the temple.

달리기를 마친 학생들은 도장을 받고 다시 4.4 킬로미터를 걸어서 학교로 돌아간다.