Korea 18 5월: Hwayeomsa Temple - Gurye Toji

we run for peace

resonance of bell ringing deep for morning ceremony

예불시간을 알리는 종의 울림은 깊다.

Tegam snim lit the torch before leading the team from the temple.

스님은 화엄사로부터 팀을 다음 목적지로 이끕니다.

She sent off the runners with a hug and "I pray for your happiness, health and safety" and a declaration "All countries for Peace!"

As we had one hour to run 7 kms to the first school ceremony a meandering route was taken.

첫번째 학교까지 1시간이 남아 한적한 마을길을 달려봅니다.

At Gurye Jungang Elementary School the grade 6 students welcomed the Peace Run team in their classroom.

구례 중앙초등학교 6학년 1반과 2반은 우리를 교실로 환영합니다.

After running around the world and having their passports stamped

세상을 달린후에 여권에 도장을 찍습니다.

The students went outside to run with the torch.

하지만 실제 달리기는 운동장에서 일어납니다.

After departing it was very nice to receive a phone call from the vice principal who thanked us for coming and had kindly prepared us some drinks.

학교를 떠난후 김연숙 교감선생님께서 평화달리기 팀께 감사함을 표하십니다.

The route to the second school, Toji Elemantary School was in part along the river

두번째 학교는 토지 초등학교인데 강가로 달립니다.

Green, green, green. In this region of Korea in particular everywhere is green -forests, farmland, vegetation. Very beautiful.

Toji Elementary School was a delightful school to have as our last school visit on this years Korean Peace Run.

Lunch was the concluding event. Bamboo rice with a zillion tempting side dishes to explore.

우리의 점심은 수많은 반찬과 대통밥입니다.

After making our way South at running pekfflace for five days the return journey was less than five hours. From forests of trees to forests of buildings, across the elegant and slightly 'cute' Incheon Bridge.

달려서 남쪽으로 가는데 5일이 걸리는데 차로 돌아가는 시간은 5시간이 못걸립니다. 나무숲에서 빌딩숲으로 약간은 귀여운 인천공항 다리를 건너서.