Serbia 17 May: Belgrade - Veliko Gradiste

An Ultra Day

From Belgrade we run 30 kms to Grocka.

The Vice Mayor of Grocka, Nevena Popovic, welcomes the Peace Run.

Pedja receives a gift from the city.

The town is well known for it's fresh cherries.

A local runner leads us out of Grocka.

One of our security crew runs with the torch.

The Serbs have some words.

Running into Smederevo.

A member of the city council, Milana Kravic, receives the torch.

Drawings for Peace.

The children have prepared messages for our team.

Thank you to Grad Cafe for providing some tasty food and drink.

In Pozarevac children are eagerly waiting to run with us.

There are some fast runners!

The Mayor, Bane Spasovic, and head of Sports and Culture, Ana Miljanic, hold the torch.

On the road we are met by some serious runners who will accompany us for the rest of the day.

More runners are waiting to join in.

In Veliko Gradiste, the Head of the Municipality, Dragan Milic, shares the torch with schoolchildren.

The Athletics Club presents each runner with a medal.

Where is Helene from?

That's right - Germany!

Thank you to Sladjan Markovic, Vice President of the Municipality, Sasha Brankovic and Dushan Banovic, General Secretary for Sport.