Mongolia 5 July: Ulaanbaatar

Meeting with Japanese delegation

Японы төлөөлөгчидтэй уулзсан уулзалт

We held a reception for 12 Japanese delegation from Saku City of Japan with brief presentation and introduction about Sri Chinmoy and Peace Run. The delegates include Seiji Yanagida, Mayor of Saku City, Toshinobu Ichikawa, Chairman of Saku City Council, Akio Haruhara, President, Friendship Association of Saku City and Mongolia, and other officials.

We gave a brief talk about the Peace Run and sang the Peace run theme song for the guests.

We had the video for the guests.

Our guests also gave an interesting talk about their city, their friendship activities and about the Nagano Olympic torch which was reconstructed as the world's biggest torch in New York last April.

The two top officials Saku City Mayor and the Chairman of the City Council who were leading the group were delighted to receive Jharna-Kalas.

Mr Haruhara with the City Mayor and the Chairman of the City Council holding the peace torch.

We were happy to meet Mr Akio Haruhara and his wife again in Mongolia. We exchanged the happy memories of last April when the world's biggest torch was erected in New York which he designed for the Nagano Olympics.