Norway 27 July: Morokulien - Lierfoss


On the border of Norway and Sweden we are met by the Norwegian Vice Mayor of Magnor, Berit Haveraien.

And from the Rotary club, Anders Andersson from Sweden.

This is the Peace Monument that was erected in 1914 to celebrate 100 years of Peace between the two countries.

Swedish runners guide us to the monument.

Hans Nilsson from the Swedish municipality of Eda, welcomes the Peace Run.

The smallest Peace Bridge in the world (they say).

Christina Oster speaks eloquently and enthusiastically about the history of the monument.

This bell is a gift from the Korean people to Norway and Sweden.

Berit Haveraien, deputy Mayor of Magnor, leads the Peace Runners along their first few kilometres in Norway.

Her husband follows in their support vehicle - NICE!

Beautiful Norwegian countryside.

A special red moon can be seen in the sky.