Norway 28 July: Lierfoss - Oslo

Norway Cup

The sun rises in Norway .... and probably in some other countries as well.

Fragrance of the Heart cafe supplies the runners with a delicious breakfast.

Moose see if they can run faster than Drsalu drives.

Adrian from France joins the Peace Run for a day.

Finally we arrive in Oslo.

Tatyana from the Ukraine has joined the team.

At Ekeberg, a suburb of Oslo, His Majesty's Musicians are opening the Norway Cup.

The Norway Cup is an annual event, that welcomes football teams from around the world to compete in a grand tournament.

The Norway Cup attracts football teams from Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and North America. The players range from 6 years old to 18, boys and girls.

The Peace Run will feature in the parade.

Several thousand people will participate in the Norway Cup.

The Royal Musicians lead the parade.

A young lady from Serbia holds the torch.

Football players from Kenya.

Football players from Thailand.

From Brazil.

From China.

From Tanzania.