New Zealand 19 January: Spark Arena - Wynard Quarter

The America's Cup is visited by the Peace Run

The Peace Run team headed down to the Auckland Viaduct Harbour, where the Prada Cup - the prelude event to the America's Cup, is being raced. High tech boats from Italy, England , America and New Zealand are racing in this iconic event.

Alice, our experienced ultrarunner and new team member, shares the torch with a New Zealand supporter. In the background are the Luna Rossa sailors being interviewed on their unique talents and knowledge about the competition at hand. Of particular interest was the story of how they were the first on hand to rescue the fellow American team when it capsized under dramatic circumstances.

These siblings showed the oneness of the peace flame. They were excited to join the thousands of children that hold and inject their wishes for peace into the torch.

This man is a dedicated athlete, and a lover of peace. He sent us his best wishes for a successful Peace Run. Upcoming events are in Helensville and Hawke's Bay.

The Auckland City Waterfront is a remarkable place, an America's Cup Village with thousands of fans, friendly volunteers and staff.

Goodbye from Auckland! Wishing the world a brighter and happier 2021.