Feb. 24, 2021 Live from the road

Helensville - Kaukakapakapa

Reported by Daniel Rubin 10.0 km

We met Rowan and Mark who are cycling the length of New Zealand. In 2019 12 entrepid Peace Runners ran from the top of the North Island, Cape Reinga. They relayed through the country over 3 1/2 weeks to reach Bluff as these gentlemen will do.
Some locals in Helensville stopped to join the run by simply offering their goodwill and holding the peace torch.

The cross country squad of Helensville Primary met us along the way. Don't be deceived by ther relaxed looking pace. We were struggling to keep up!

Assistant Principal Karen's warmth made us feel right at home. Thanks for welcoming us to your assembly.

Brooke and Rhys receive some artwork on the theme of peace.

The teachers smiling and sharing the relay torches. It's a dynamic school as you can see from the daily team relay races. Each sprint is broken up by push-ups, star jumps or burpees.

Helensville children have a fun competition every day: relay races on the school courts

Catching our breath for the run ahead to Kaukapakapa School.

A typical New Zealand school with barefoot children. It is widely known now that being barefoot strengthens the feet.

Juniors watching the promo video of some of the many countries where the run has been.

Children know where to find peace whenever they need it in a quiet time or....by playing and running with just the wind on their backs and the ground flying beneath their feet.

Thank-you Sheree for your kind welcome of the team in your busy schedule! In fact many of the children were involved in a Kapa Haka session (Maori dance) that morning.

The happy team looks forward to the next relay: from East Cape to Gisborne, Napier, Hastings and Havelock North.

Torch carried by
Daniel Rubin (South Africa), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand), Sean Abbott (New Zealand), Vera Sevastiyanova (Russia).  
Daniel Rubin
The torch has travelled 10.0 km from Helensville to Kaukakapakapa.

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