Феб. 22, 2024 Live from the road

Greytown - Masterton

Reported by Roxana Magdici 22.0 km

The Peace Run today starts with meeting Masterton District Council Mayor Gary Caffell.

With him is Jenny Tyer of the Masterton Council, who graciously and enthusiastically supports community events like the Peace Run.

After the mayor touching and inspiring words we had a moment of peace.

It has been a deep joy and inspiration meeting Mayor Garry Caffel. Looking forward to coming back next time!

The Peace Run team visits the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park in Masterton.

Nirakara, the Peace Run driver finally gets to run!

A peaceful dog

Heading off our first school.

Masterton Primary School welcomes us and cheerfully learns the World Harmony Run song.

Finding peace in ourselves is the first step of achieving peace around us.

The boys don't want to play with Ananda-Lahari. Is this peaceful?


Applause for the teachers hard work every day with the students.

The teachers run with the peace torch around the children.

Making a moment of peace holding the peace torch.

Finally we get to run with the torch and the peace runners!


The principal of Masterton Primary School shares with us what the school teaches the children: emotional awareness and self-regulation according to Maori principles. Some of the names given to these emotions include Maui (warrior spirit), Whenua (to be one with the land) and Manaakitanga (care for others). Later on he gifts us with these cards so that we peace runners can learn too!

Masterton Intermediate School gets ready to welcome us with a pōwhiri, the Maori welcoming ceremony.

Isla and Mila are Year 8 student leaders who welcomed us.

We greet each other with the traditional Maori greeting, the hongi.

Watching a video showing where the Peace Run has previously been.

Where is Mark from? It's an island in the Ocean of Peace, also known as the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, New Zealand!

A moment of feeling the peace inside ourselves.

Having fun with the World Harmony Run song.

Relay super fast run, showing how the Peace Run works as a team.

The principal and a student are happy to receive the Peace Run certificate of appreciation and a painting on peace on the theme "Forgiveness" by Sri Chinmoy.

Andrea is deeply touched by the mihi (acknowledgements) shown by the year 8 leaders.

Masterton Intermediate is a truly exemplary school, thanks to the untiring example set by the principal and the teachers to all the students.

Torch carried by
Ananda-Lahari Zuscin (Slovakia), Caslav Mitrovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Daniel Rubin (New Zealand), Harashita Sunaoshi (Japan), Nirakara Lincoln (New Zealand), Roxana Magdici (Romania).  
Roxana Magdici
The torch has travelled 22.0 km from Greytown to Masterton.

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