Oct. 13, 2014 Live from the road


Reported by Santiva Morrison

From October 3-13 a display of children's artwork dedicated to peace from around the world was exhibited in Orlando City Hall in Florida.

Also on exhibtion was a selection of painting from Peace Run founder and prolific artist Sri Chinmoy. This year marks the 50 anniversary of his coming to the west.

We exhibited children’s art work collected by the Peace Run from different countries celebrating world peace.

Special thanks must go to the Peace Run Coordinators for sending this art work from around the world and making this truly an international exhibit.

All gratitude to the numerous Orlando City officials for facilitating the exhibit of Jharna Kala by Sri Chinmoy and the children’s art for peace, especially Mr. Paul Wenzel, Public Art Coordinator City of Orlando for his continued support over the years.

Torch carried by
David Morrison (United States), Santiva Morrison (United States).  
David Morrison, Santiva Morrison

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