April 19, 2016 Live from the road

Media, PA - Rising Sun, MD

Reported by Harita Davies 49.0 mi

A big thank you to Crowne Plaza, Bucks County for providing our womens team with a luxuriously restful nights stay. We highly recommend visiting!

Also thank you so much to Holiday Inn Express Bensalem for accommodating our mens team, also a highly recommendable great nights stay!

Sarankhu wanted to make sure he didn't get sunburnt today so we gave him some sun block. Half a tube later he was spotted putting on the finishing touches! Needless to say, he probably doesnt usually wear sunblock, and he will be well protected for a few weeks!

The mens team started the running today from where they left off yesterday out of Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, the first stop of the day for the womens team was to visit Kuumba Academy Charter School. We had a team briefing in the beautiful premesis in the heart of Wilmington. Three schools are in the same building!

The presentation was a class of adorable kindergarten children.

Teaching the World Harmony Run song to these children was so much fun!

Now that is peace!

Time to head out for a run!

And make friends along the way!

Kuumba is from the Kiswahili language and means creativity.

Kuumba Academy subscribe to the seven Nguzo Saba principles familiar during the annual observance of Kwanzaa:

Umoja (Unity)
Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)
Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility)
Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)
Nia (Purpose)
Kuumba (Creativity)
Imani (Faith)

Finally time to run!

Yasodevi from Ukraine offered our certificate of appreciation to Mr Deon Booker, the physical education teacher.

A local peace lover!

The mens team were thrilled to visit Wilmington Friends Middle School.

The school, founded on Quaker principles, is the oldest existing school in Delaware, and was founded in 1748. This sign says that it continues to be sustained by the teaching of all Quakers that "there is that of God in each of us"

The kids were really enthusiastic!

The teachers were also wonderful!

Meanwhile, for the girls it was time to run! Tavishi and Akbota headed out first.

Little did Tavishi know that her glasses were allowing Harita to be struck by a new level of intelligence.

It was a beautiful afternoon for running!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the rolling countryside.

Sometimes it is challenging for a super fast runner like Samunnati to run at the slow pace of her teammates, who are struggling to keep up.

warming down with some acroyoga.

Rising Sun! A great place to finish the day!

I love and need desperately
Every day
The rising sun of peace.
-Sri Chinmoy

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Harita Davies, Luana Koch, Pierre Lantuas, Yashodevi Samar
The torch has travelled 49.0 mi from Media, PA to Rising Sun, MD.

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