United States 16 December: New York

A Peaceful Moment with Guitarist Estas Tonne

Estas Tonne “a modern-day Troubadour” shares his soulful guitar music all around the world, this being his first tour in North America. He hails from Ukraine but draws inspiration from many cultures and genres of music, which is reflected in his eclectic style. His music invites the listener to look within as he plays his songs without pause, one flowing into another, creating an immersive melodic experience.

December 16, 2018 marked the last day of Estas Tonne’s “Breath of Sound” world tour. The final concert took place at Tribeca Perfoming Arts Centre in New York City and was attended by a small team of Peace Runners.

For the duration of the concert, the Peace Torch was displayed in a wooden stand on the stage.

At the end of the concert when Devakripa Cohen presented him with the torch, he happily held it high in the air.

We met outside afterward to light the torch on that rainy New York City winter evening. Estas Tonne along with his manager Mikhail Sergeev, his crew and a small group of fans all passed the Peace Torch and made their own silent or spoken wish for peace.

Devakripa thanked him for his beautiful music and his prayerful life and he offered his message:

“May the torch of peace that we are sharing, that we are giving to others, light up all those hearts and explode around the world!”