United States 30 April: Athens, GA - Trimble Tennessee

Southern Hospitality

Reliving the American South from 2018

Before reliving photos from 2018, this is a current piece of art on Peace by Phoenix, a student of the Community Health Academy of the Heights in NYC

I think Peace starts within yourself and when you have a lack of peace you look for things to fill that void. 
Obsession I think is what is the end of peace but the start of the end is feeling discomfort in one's being. 
So for I drew on my iPad a girl who has short hair and dark eyes but it's still loving herself and is content. I used warm colors to give it a nice vibe and then I outlined the harsh black lines with white. 
The eyes of the girl have hearts and she has soft childish features to represent childhoods because I thought that was the time when everyone ((well most.)) had been whole. When you had been content and bold enough to do as you pleased.

In 2018 the Peace Torch was shared at the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Georgia.

Friendly Alabamians found the Peace Run van parked outside their house and offered water and held the Peace Torch.

Children in Oxford, Alabama made a wish for Peace.

Meeting the mayor of Oxford, Alabama, Mr. Alton Craft.

The Texas Roadhouse in Tupelo, Mississippi hosted the Peace Run Team. During our delsicious dinner every 20 min a country song would be played and the entire waiting staff took their position and performed a short dance.

In front of the King's abode, Graceland.