June 3, 2021 Live from the road

Washington, DC

Reported by Prakhara Harter, Salil Wilson

More embassies in Washington, DC have submitted artwork for Expressions of Peace.  Their creations are inspirations of a beautiful and peaceful world for us all.

Jose da Silva is a Timor-Leste university student representing the Embassy of Timor-Leste with this original drawing appropriately titled, "The New Way for Peace".

Timor-Leste has hosted the Peace Run over the years with great enthusiasm and support.

A statue of Peace Run founder, Sri Chinmoy, was inaugurated at Parliament by the national leaders and freedom-heroes and stands as a reminder that peace will prevail. Featured in this photograph from that inauguration on Feb 8, 2013, with their titles at that time, is H.E. President Taur Matan Ruak (centre), H.E. Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão (far right), former Prime Minister H.E. Dr. Mari Alkatiri (far left) and H.E. President of the Parliament Vicente Guterres (second from left) as well as H.E. Francisco Guterres former President of the National Parliament (second from right).

Ravaka, age 5, represents the Embassy of Madagascar.  She has a very bright future with her talent and vision for the oneness of humanity.

Her message is: "Peace is powerful and is able to embrace countries despite their differences, like a rainbow covering the sky above the borders."

The Peace Run had an incredible reception when visiting Madagascar in 2019.

Hundreds of school children participated by running and passing the Peace Torch.

Torch carried by
Prakhara Harter (US).  
Agragati Siegel, Prakhara Harter, Salil Wilson, Urdhacheta Yap

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