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2022 marks the 12th year since Fremont became the permanent home of Peace Run Founder, Sri Chinmoy's visage. We take this opportunity to bestow Peace Run's highest honor, the Torch Bearer Award upon those worthy recipients here in Washington State.

Team members welcome some of the Torch Bearer recipients as they arrive...

Here's a video of the event.

The Torch Bearer event begins. Each of seven individuals has dedicated themselves to serving humanity in their fields of endeavor. Each has inspired and touched countless lives.

The ceremony begins with song, "A New World of Peace" written by Sri Chinmoy.

Our first Torch Bearer recipient is retired Washington State Governor and US Senator Dan Evans. His many years of public service include legislation establishing the Department of Ecology, the Washington State community college system and tax reform. He worked tirelessly to 'extend a hand', bridge gaps and find a common ground among all peoples. Thank you Governor Evans...

and thank you Nancy for your significant role!

Our next recipient is Professor Jacqueline McMurtrie. Prof. McMurtrie founded the Washington Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to seeking truth and fairness for innocent individuals wrongly convicted and incarcerated. She serves and speaks for the underserved populations often marginalized. She and her team are true torch bearers serving truth and justice here in Washington State. Thank you Jacqueline.

"It takes a village to free someone from prison"...

Your high ideals and selflessness shine light in dark corners and bring hope to those who desperately need it.

Our next recipient is Dr. Gerald Bashein, a prominent Northwest physician. Rather than retire when most people would, he chose to join Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). His self giving work over the last four decades has saved and improved countless lives. Of one experience, Dr. Bashein says, "It’s our job to do whatever it takes to save lives. In this case, I was assisting the nurse. (by shining a headlight in a dark room) Together, we saved a baby’s life."

"I'm just an ordinary guy who was applying his skills to help people"...

On behalf of the Peace Run, thank you Dr. Bashein. You show that everyone who is 'ordinary' becomes extraordinary when inspired by selflessness.

Next is Professor Noah Simon from the University of Washington's Department of Biostatistics.

Noah is a prominent member of UW's team of biostatisticians. He made significant contributions to Covid-19 research and pioneered a new statistical approach to brain mapping as it relates to ALS. He also identified a new method to classify 'brain age'.

Thank you Noah for your contributions to serving humanity and shedding light and knowledge with your expertise.

Next is Patti Warashina, world class ceramic artist and scholar. Patti embodies the spirit of the Torch Bearer Award through her excellence and daring enthusiasm expressed through her art. She developed her independent and fearless spirit following her mothers' example and has remained true to herself throughout her life.

Patti's most recent work installed in Seattle's South Lake Union address is entitled 'Dreamer' and reveals her whimsical and thought provoking style.

Thank you Patti for your bold and creative style and for setting a standard of fearless excellence.

The next Torch Bearer Award recipient is Matt Kingston, Executive Director of the Bureau of Fearless Ideas.

Matt accepts the Award on behalf of the Bureau, its mission is so give young people a chance to share their ideas through the written word. It empowers them to become the authors of their own future and to have faith in themselves and each other.

Thank you to Matt and the Bureau Team! Your work is changing the world for the better.

Our final Torch Bearer recipient today is Ryan Dean, COO of FareStart. FareStart exposes our world's beliefs about homelessness and poverty. It acknowledges the basic rights of each person with dignity, understanding and equality. For 30 years, FareStart's mission has been to embrace, accept and transform lives through food. This includes shared meals, job training and life skills.

In Ryan, we find a truly humble and kind man with a vision and belief in all people.

He is a giant among men and we are truly honored to express our gratitude for the work of FareStart, with the Torch Bearer Award. Thank you Ryan for everything you do and for accepting our gratitude on behalf of FareStart.

Once again, a final applause and deepest gratitude to all Torch Bearer recipients. Our world is a far better place that each of you are in it. You play a critical role as bearers of truth and goodness in your chosen fields of endeavor. Thank you.

And now the Peace Walk begins.

The program finishes up with a peace walk.

Passing peace along to the next generation...

"O dreamers of peace, come. Let us walk together. O lovers of peace, come. Let us run together. O servers of peace, come. Let us grow together."
Sri Chinmoy

Torch carried by
Agraha Levine (United States), Aparajita Fishman (United States), Daniel Watts (United States), Jagadambika Root (United States), Moni Neradilek (United States), Nandita Polissar (United States), Nayak Polissar (United States), Prarthana Canfield (United States), Ravipriya Kalat (United States), Rupasi Young (United States), Upasana Young (United States), Vidushi Candaux (United States).  
Ravipriya Kalat
The torch has travelled 1.0 mi in Seattle.

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