July 3, 2024 Live from the road

Thompson Falls - Elmo

Reported by Hastakamala Diaz 62.0 mi

After a great night camping at the Sanders County Fairgrounds, our first appointment was to visit the Plains City Hall and our new friend, Mayor Joel Banham.

The mayor was kind enough to give us a brief explanation of his topographical relief map of the area.

His office was decorated with lots of fascinating photos that depicted the history of the town.

Before the team headed off we gave Mayor Banham a Certificate of Appreciation.

We were thrilled that the Mayor offered to run with us down the main street. It's a rare occasion that a mayor will actually run with us so we were all excited to welcome him on our team.

The Flathead Indian Reservation that we passed through is well known for its hot springs. The girls team visited Roses Deluge Hot Springs. They were so happy when they saw a Peace Pole. The team al;so met Jake and Tanya, two very insightful and inspiring people.

It's a stunning landscape to run through and we kept seeing these beautiful deer prancing around the clearings.

A friendly neighborhood bear

Torch carried by
Devendra Cheatham (United States), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Hastakamala Diaz (Australia), Homagni Baptista (Australia), Nayaja Perugini (Italy), Oliveria Lopez (Mexico), Pransukh Marks (United States), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand), Rupasi Young (United States).  
Harita Davies, Hastakamala Diaz, Homagni Baptista
The torch has travelled 62.0 mi from Thompson Falls to Elmo.

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