Май 24, 2016 Live from the road


Reported by Dipavajan Renner 7.0 km

Good morning Vidin! Special festivities took place that day in the city...

We started in a local Kindergarden. The parents also attended the meeting...

...a short symbolic run....

Thank you for the fun!

..the children joined our team for the local Parade in Vidin - a special celebration fot the Cyrillic alphabet!

....the founders of the Cyrillic letters...

..together with the childfen we carried the banner through the streets of Vidin....

...we joined the parade with the flaming peace torch....

...the final gathering...

Thank you Vidin for the nice events and the great hospitality!

...the free afternoon we spent in the stunning nature near the Danube River..

...our Russian team....

It was time to say "Good Bye" to Bulgaria. Our deepest gratitude for the great time we spent. We will take your peace wishes with us to the next country!

Torch carried by
Anton Untila (Moldova), Deeptaksha Mihaylov (Bulgaria), Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Dmitriy Gameza (Russia), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Layamut Tehrani (Iran), Mananyu Siffert (Austria), Marius Michalak (Germany), Mukuli Iljazovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Paramanyu Lebedev (Russia), Rasmivan Collinson (Great Britain), Satyagraha Vladimir Salnicov (Moldova), Todorka Petrovska (North Macedonia).  
Accompanied by  
Bulgarian runners
Mananyu Siffert, Paramanyu Lebedev, Satyagraha Vladimir Salnicov
The torch has travelled 7.0 km in Vidin.

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