May 23, 2016 Live from the road


Reported by Daniel Rubin 5.0 km

The New Zealand Peace Run started with a visit on a chilly morning to Golden Grove School in Onehunga, Auckland.

Children from Golden Grove School, who are educated in the spirit of the Montessori school system. Creativity is openly encouraged, and the children are taught to value peacefulness at the start of each day.

Absorbing the strength that the torch embodies, as it flows from child to child.

Where do we feel peace..? In our hearts.

St. Joseph's School (Onehunga) sent some representitives to Golden Grove School. Children from both schools ran together to St. Joseph's.

The Golden Grove delegates received a warm welcome from the gracious hosts at St. Joseph's hall.

The Peace Run team finds itself in a sea of smiles. Thank-you St. Joseph's pupils for your brilliant atmosphere of peace and harmony!

New Zealand children: all joy!

Children at Waterlea School, in the Mangere Bridge area. The picture tells it all.

Children were so interested in the runners, asking us sincere questions and some telling us they wanted to join the run! By holding the torch, they fulfilled their wish.

Nice hat!

Actions speak louder than words, but in this case it appears the words are part of a song.

Judy Edwards, in the background, made the visit to Waterlea possible.

Torch carried by
Hridayinee Williams (Australia).  
Accompanied by  
Kajal Sewambar, NZ, Soraya Sewambar, IN, Susebika Kaeowanpen, TH, Ainie Kwok, SG, Eugene Kwok, SG, Daniel Rubin, SA
Jim Lawless
The torch has travelled 5.0 km in Auckland.

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