New Zealand 24 May: Auckland

Meeting up at Mellon's Bay with representatives from Howick College's Year 13 Outdoor Education Class. Ready for another adventure. These intrepid explorers can often be found trekking, abseiling and rock climbing around New Zealand's famous mountains. All under the guidance of Dave Mason (far right).

Running through Howick village towards Howick College.

Team is focused and ready for the run into College grounds.

Cue soundtrack: "I feel happy"

"Peace Run" song, is delivered to the rest of the Outdoor Education group, in class.

The torch has its own stories to tell, as we feel the energy generated by thousands of children having held the torch and made wishes for peace.

Jo and Isobel of Riverhills School shepherd the torch and team into the school.

A calm atmosphere emanates from this group of children. We noticed that the children are especially harmonious and kind to one another.

Teaching actions and song to keep our spirits up.

Thank-you Riverhills, for your generous support and warmth in receiving us.

Our next school is a neighbouring school, Pakuranga Heights, who enchanted us with their poetry and lucid questions on the Peace Torch. Also, the whole school greeted us, which was a real boost!