May 25, 2016 Live from the road

Birkdale Intermediate School - Birkenhead Primary School

Reported by Daniel Rubin 5.5 km

The head of Birkdale Intermediate welcomes the team, and asks us a few questions about where we are planning to visit today.

Q and A: Where do the runner's come from? Vera spoke in her native Russian as a clue.

Lena and Vera make their way up the hill to Birkdale Primary, blissfully unaware that a powerful downpour is about to happen!

We huddle for cover from the downpour under a solitary tree!

Birkdale Primary seemed quite excited during our skits : "Is this an example of peace?" One runner is tired and another runner kindly offers to take the torch.

The children love learning the actions to a song we sing with them.

Imagine peace in your heart...

Make a wish for peace.

It just so happens that Kana, a member of the Peace Run, visits her son,Sotatsu, and his school, Birkdale Primary, on the Peace Run!

Children at Birkenhead Primary School enthusiastically supporting the Peace Run.

Torch carried by
Echo Mao (China), Niribili File (New Zealand), Rajpal File (New Zealand).  
Accompanied by  
Kana Yamaguchi, JP Lena,DE
Durba Lee
The torch has travelled 5.5 km from Birkdale Intermediate School to Birkenhead Primary School.

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