New Zealand 25 May: Birkdale Intermediate School - Birkenhead Primary School

The head of Birkdale Intermediate welcomes the team, and asks us a few questions about where we are planning to visit today.

Q and A: Where do the runner's come from? Vera spoke in her native Russian as a clue.

Lena and Vera make their way up the hill to Birkdale Primary, blissfully unaware that a powerful downpour is about to happen!

We huddle for cover from the downpour under a solitary tree!

Birkdale Primary seemed quite excited during our skits : "Is this an example of peace?" One runner is tired and another runner kindly offers to take the torch.

The children love learning the actions to a song we sing with them.

Imagine peace in your heart...

Make a wish for peace.

It just so happens that Kana, a member of the Peace Run, visits her son,Sotatsu, and his school, Birkdale Primary, on the Peace Run!

Children at Birkenhead Primary School enthusiastically supporting the Peace Run.