Sept. 20, 2019 Live from the road

Avarua - Titikaveka

Reported by Dhiraja Mc Bryde, Uddipan Brown 16.0 km

The Team arrives at Apii Avarua to a musical welcome.

The Peace Run Team begins its presentation.

"Who wants to be a Peace Runner?"

Thank you for having us.

Engia Baxter, Principal of Apii Avarua.

A musical farewell from Apii Avarua.

The photographer photographed.

At Apii Takitumu Nipura greets the students in Cook Islands Maori.

Another beautiful school setting.

Passing the Torch from generation to generation.

Staff also enjoy the visit.

Farewell Apii Takitumu.

At Titikaveka College Uddipan addresses the students.

Peace dog.

The Head Girl accepts the Certificate of Appreciation..

All gather around the Meeting Tree, where generations of students have assembled.

Students . . .

. . . and staff all hold the torch.

Vae Unuka (right), Principal.

Kia manuia. Farewell to the Cook Islands . . . for now.

Torch carried by
Dhiraja Mc Bryde (New Zealand), Nipura Ingram (Cook Islands), Saranyu Pearson (Australia), Uddipan Brown (New Zealand).  
Dhiraja Mc Bryde, Nipura Ingram
The torch has travelled 16.0 km from Avarua to Titikaveka.

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