Sept. 21, 2019 Live from the road


Reported by Rupasi Young 1.0 mi

Colors of Peace comes to the Seattle Center, Fisher Pavilion for its first celebration in the United States honoring the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21st

After many long hours, the exhibit is complete, just before the formal opening ceremony begins in the Armory Building.

1000 works from Seattle area school kids are joined by over 200 works of art from 20 countries on loan from the permanent Colors of Peace collection in Italy.

Zeynep Alev, Creative Director of the International Children's Friendship Festival donated 44 pieces to represent Turkey, from the American Turkish Academy students. Zeynep also attended on behalf of John Gokcen, Honorary Consul, Consulate of Turkey.

"Peace is not the absence of war. Peace is the presence of harmony, love, satisfaction and oneness."

The opening ceremony begins with music by local musician Bill Young, "My love is stronger than your hate will ever be"...

Respected representatives from the world's most loved religions share a blessing and benediction to start the event. Father Richard Luberti from Sacred Heart of Jesus begins.

Ajahn Ritthi of Atammaytarama Buddhist Monastery

Hakku Ron Rivard, The Inayati Order of Sufism

And finally Pastor Patrinell Wright of the Total Experience Gospel Choir (retired)

Who shares her blessing in song.

The Peace Run team sings

A moment of silence shared by all. Much like the United Nations General Assembly that begins and ends with one minute of silence.

Kate Baumgartner represents Senator Patty Murray's office and shares a message of unity in celebrating the UN International Day of Peace and in expressing pride in the contributions of all the young artists in Washington State who participated in Colors of Peace.

Garrett Moore represents Congressman Adam Smiths office and also shared a congratulatory letter.

Colors of Peace was also joined by members of the Consular Corp of Washington who joined the event to celebrate the International Day of Peace and their support of continued friendship and peace among nations. Mr. Daravuth Huoth, Honorary Consul of the Consulate of Cambodia.

Mr. Victor Lapatinskas, Honorary Consul of the Consulate of Lithuania

Katalin Pearman, Honorary Consul of the Consulate of Hungary

Mr. Phillipe Goetschel, Honorary Consul of the Consulate of Switzerland shared the translation of 'peace' in multiple languages.

Mr. AC Sherpa, Honorary Consul of the Consulate of Nepal

Mr. Fernando Jauregui, Special Assistant to the Consul General, Consulate of Peru

Ms. Lynn Shiori Miyauchi, Cultural Affairs, Sister Cities and Public Outreach
Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle

Mr. Michael Biggins, Honorary Consul, Consulate of Slovenia

Ms. Claudia Gatica, Consul General, Consulate of Guatemala

Ms. Teresa Indelak Davis, Honorary Consul, Consulate of Poland

Ms. Davis addresses the audience and speaks on behalf of the Consular Association of Washington, President.

The opening ceremony ends and...

the Parade of Nations begins.

Kristiina Hiukka, Vice Honorary Consul, Consulate of Finland. Kristiina also attended on behalf of Mr. Pedro Costa, Honorary Consul, Consulate of Brazil.

Carola Quilodran, attending with Carlos Quilodran, attending on behalf of the Consulate of Chile

The Parade of Nations arrives at Colors of Peace.

Nepal, Poland, Lithuania, Finland and Mr. Mark Gantar, Honorary Consul of Ethiopia, stand together at the Colors of Peace.

This one is mine, a young artist expresses her vision of peace in art.

This young artist posts her work for peace with Bangladesh youth.

Young local artists from Lowell School, Montlake Elementary, Kingston Middle School and Northgate Elementary School.

Seahawks for peace!

Pat Wright make a special visit to the exhibit on Sunday.

Thank you Pat for all you have done over the last five decades!

Torch carried by
Daulot Fountain (United States), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Jagadambika Root (United States), Jamini Young (United States), Jhalmala Gibb (Canada), Narmada Heer (Switzerland), Nayak Polissar (United States), Nikolaus Drekonja (Austria), Pujari Schaffer (United States), Rupasi Young (United States), Sukantika Donavan (United States), Tyagini Furukawa (Japan), Vidushi Candaux (United States), Vukasin Nikolic (Serbia), Yatkara Aleksapolskyy (Canada).  
Harita Davies, Narmada Heer, Yatkara Aleksapolskyy
The torch has travelled 1.0 mi in Seattle.

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