July 17, 2016 Live from the road


Reported by Marlen Bernhard, Preetidutta Thorpe

Our day started at the beautiful and delicious "Fragrance of the Heart" Cafe in Oslo. There we had breakfast and welcomed our new team members from the Czech Republic, Neelabha and Martina, who are joining us on the run through Scandinavia.

Also the boys team had a rather serious looking meeting.

Then it was time to go on the ferry to a little island. A morning of sightseeing and enjoying the peaceful vibe of Oslo.

We all enjoyed the boat ride.

A great city for sailing with the many islands to explore.

That's the Akershus Fortress by the Oslo Fjord.

It´s a hard life!

We went for a walk and later on also for a swim (of course it started to rain when we got into the water).

A very old monastry. Well at least- what remains of it.

Let`s hear some stories.

Neelabha is very happy to be here!

Pratul- our local coordinator pointing out the island where he lives.

In the afternoon local runners joined us at our first ceremony.

A wonderful meeting with the Imam Shahid Kahloon and many others at the Furuset Moske, Oslo.

He kindly invited us for a tour through the mosque.

They shared their goals and beliefs.

We shared our message of friendship and goodwill for all.

We were struck by the serenity and calm in the faces of our hosts.

Two paths, one goal. Working together

A Jharna Kala painting by Sri Chinmoy, founder of the Peace Run is gifted to the Mosque.

A significant and lasting friendship was born.

We were shown exhibitions about peace from the Islamic view. Peace is a major theme in the Mosque with many active initiatives towards creating awareness of the importance of peace, reconciliation and harmony. Their motto being 'Love for All, Hatred for None.'

They offered us some delicious snacks and of course black tea.

Attentive audience.

Harita holds the roses that were presented to us on arrival to the Mosque.

Each runner from the Peace Run team was individually handed a beautiful crystal glass monument with a 3D image of the Furuset Moske inside.

A treasured gift to forever remember this very warm and gracious welcome by all the members of the Furuset Moske in Oslo.

Our next stop was just out of Oslo in the forest.

Beneath the prayer flags, we are almost there.

We are meeting members of the Karma Tashi Ling Buddhistsenter at their retreat centre.

The Lord Buddha.

We passed the torch around so everybody could offer their prayer for peace.

After that we had a 24 minute meditation and sung mantric songs for the Lord Buddha. That was really beautiful.

The retreat centre is located in the middle of nature. On this day we really experienced the oneness of all religions and met people who strive to achieve peace by becoming better people and serving humanity selflessly.

Also mother nature was offering us all her sublime beauty.

Torch carried by
Amur Bašić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Marlen Bernhard (Germany), Martina Šimoníková (Czech Republic), Neelabha Šenkýřová (Czech Republic), Palash Bosgang (United States), Pratul Halper (Austria), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand), Puruvaj Nikolic (Serbia), Rasmivan Collinson (Great Britain), Satyagraha Vladimir Salnicov (Moldova), Shyamala Stott (Great Britain).  
Satyagraha Vladimir Salnicov

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