United States 25 April: Ashland, VA - South Hill, VA

Rotary, Fox Elementary, Monticello

The very distinctive Henry Clay Inn in Ashland was kind enough to offer us two beautiful rooms for the night.

An old traditional railroad has a stop right in front of the Inn where people take a locomotive to Richmond.

Arpan addresses the Rotary Club with some of the team at their early morning breakfast meeting.

Rotary Club is a service oriented organization whose philosophy is 'service above self'.

Leaving the Rotary Club with a kind souvenir offered by them.

Vera enjoys her early morning run in Virginia.

Abhejali helps to carry the torch to the next school ceremony in Richmond.

Hundreds of children greeted us as we ran into the Fox Elementary School in RIchmond, Virginia.

Many children offered their beautiful artwork with the theme of Peace.

Some children even made their own torches.

We offered our presentation in front of a big crowd in the gymnasium.

Enthusiastic participation.

Peaceful moments.


Soulful Appreciation.

Getting to hold the torch.

Heart Friends.

Finding peace in the heart.

"Hey, can I get the torch?" We usually offer the children fun little skits where they can judge if we are demonstrating harmony and peace or not.

Offering a Certificate of Appreciation.

Very creative and colorful peace art from many children.

There were so many children who wanted to take part in the program that we had to have two ceremonies to accommodate everyone.

Making a wish for peace.

Fox Elementary Principal Daniela Jacobs proudly holds the torch with some of our women's team.

Assistant Principal Emma Ellis and Principal Daniela Jacobs enthusiastically run for peace in front of their school.

Finishing the day's miles.

A very scenic route for part of the day.

When we are not in nature the traffic accompanies us.

In the afternoon the small team of us went to Monticello. Here we are in front of it with the peace torch.

We enjoyed the beautiful and peaceful scenery of Monticello gardens.

The countryside surrounding Monticello was stunning today with clouds and mist creating a surreal atmosphere.

Planting many new vegetables every year was a tradition started by Jefferson centuries ago.

We met with very nice Monticello staff members, who happily held the peace torch. We shared with them the philosophy of the peace run, and how similar it is with the one of T. Jefferson. Here we are with Peggy Cornett (the curator of Plants)

with Perry Stedman, the graduate of Virginia University

and with Maeve Carney

Our team next to a life size statue of T. Jefferson

The peace torch held by Monticello visitors

A local family visiting Motincello were very happy to hold the torch for peace.

Dennis poses with Thomas Jefferson as they contemplate the next step towards manifesting peace.

Dennis finds a new vehicle for the women's team which helps to save on gasoline and supports the environment.