June 13, 2014 Live from the road

San Francisco, CA

Reported by Arpan DeAngelo 5.0 mi

Staying all day in San Francisco, some of us just had a short run after a brief moment of peace at this Peace Tree in Golden Gate Park.

We ran from the tree along a path that Sri Chinmoy once took when he first started his own long distance running training in 1978.

This old VW Bus is characteristic of the San Francisco style of old which still endures in some places.

Along the path we met some nice locals who wished to share the torch.

At the end of our run we had a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge connecting San Francisco to Sausalito in Marin County.

Our women's team visited the Golden Gate Bridge today meeting some very interested people on the walkway.

Prasasta from New Zealand joined us for a day and met some peace lovers on the Bridge.

Children for Peace.

In the afternoon we visited the Columbia Park Boys and Girls Club in the Mission District of San Francisco. Jay Nunez, the Director of the Club, kindly welcomed us. We were welcomed their two years ago as well.

Some of the children were selling their own handmade items to raise money for community service events.

While we were waiting for the children to come we were a bit sidetracked with their game room.

Suhasini was thrilled as she met up with a former student of hers when she was teaching in Bali.

Our team ran into the auditorium welcomed by many enthusiastic children and counsellors.

Sandro leads the ceremony as he introduces the Peace Run to the children.

Bashata introduces her country in her last ceremony before heading home.

Having fun with our theme song.

The children love this skit demonstrating harmony and friendship.

Jay receives our Torch-Bearer Award for his unending service to the community through his work with the children.

Some of the children accept our Certificate of Appreciation and a special painting by Sri Chinmoy.

The children get to make their own wishes for peace as they touch the torch.

Some of the volunteers were also happy to hold the torch and make a wish for peace.

These volunteers from the Gap clothing stores were happy to share the torch and offer their services to the community with the Boys and Girls Club.

We went to a very popular vegetarian restaurant called Ananda Fuara for most of our meals during our stay in San Francisco.

Prema is the baker extraordinaire.

Shubhra does just about everything for the restaurant always cheerfully.

Trishna hard at work.

The ever busy Manager, Golapendu behind the scenes.

Anupam making fresh juice for our newest member of the men's team, Jagadhata.

Our seven member women's team before the four members on the right had to leave for home. Thank you for your great service while you were here: Bashata, Manoshri, Gautami and Suhasini. They 'Left their Hearts in San Francisco.'

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Torch carried by
Anna Khimchinskaia (Russia), Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Bashata Cimesa (Serbia), Dennis Gribok (Luxembourg), Gautami Sýkorová (Slovakia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Homagni Baptista (Australia), Jagadhata Amrhien (United States), Jalal Clemons (United States), Jennifer Cluck (United States), Mahasatya Janczak (Poland), Manoshri Sykorova (Slovakia), Pujari Schaffer (United States), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Sarvodaya Grygoryivskyy (Ukraine), Suhasini Septiarini (Indonesia).  
Arpan DeAngelo, Dennis Gribok, Harita Davies, Manoshri Sykorova, Sandro Zincarini
The torch has travelled 5.0 mi in San Francisco, CA.

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