Sept. 26, 2015 Live from the road

Westminster - Estes Park

Reported by Harita Davies 6.0 mi

Thank you so much to Tina O'Sullivan for accommodating and taking great care of our team at her beautiful home in Boulder for two nights. Tina is a good friend of Cathys and now also a good friend of our Peace Run team! Also pictured is her super friendly dog, May. Not pictured is her adorable pet squirrel, Lisa.

Today we were thrilled to be invited to run the Fallfest 10 km run in Westminster. There were marathon, half marathon, 5km and 10km events. Before the 5 and 10 km got underway, Event Director and CEO, D Wiedeman, introduced us and we spoke a little about the Peace Run.

Adhiratha's brother, George, was there to cheer us on.

getting ready to start...

Phaedra leads the team!

We had the chance to share the torch with many runners...

We also met some supporters along the way...

The aid station volunteers were all super enthusiastic!

Looks like we have a new team member...

Alakananda made a lot of new friends today!

Cathy, a former US sprinting champion, ran her first ever 10 km race in a great time!

Adhiratha kept our torch well fuelled, and helped us run the final 2 miles.


Happy peace loving runners!

There were spot prizes for everyone, even Jennifer!

We met some great running families ;)

This girl held the torch at the beginning and especially requested to hold it on the podium, she was first in her age group!

A big thank you to D,(holding the torch), Brandi,(on her left), and all of the All Out Fallfest staff for so enthusiastically including The Peace Run, promoting our presence in Colorado, and organising every detail of our participation along the way.

Next we headed to Estes Park, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, for the night. The road is narrow and busy, so to stay safe we drove this part.

In the afternoon we went for a beautiful walk to Gem Lake.

Looking over Estes Park.

The scenery was spectacular!

At this time of year the Aspen are changing colour...

We went quite high...

Chipmunk eating a nut...

and a marshmellow!

Finally we reached our destination, the breathtaking Gem Lake!

Peace is the beauty
Of my heart.
Like the beauty of nature,
I cannot hide it.
-Sri Chinmoy

Heaven on Earth, at 8,830 feet above sea level.

Heading back down in the late afternoon.

On the way to our accomodation we saw a big family of Elk, a very common site in Estes Park at this time of year.

Nature’s beauty helps us
To be as vast as possible,
As peaceful as possible
And as pure as possible.
-Sri Chinmoy

Torch carried by
Adhiratha Keefe (United States), Alakananda Lebedev (United States), Cathy Oerter (United States), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Jennifer Cluck (United States), Phaedra Rosario (United States), Prakhara Harter (United States).  
Adhiratha Keefe, Harita Davies, Prakhara Harter
The torch has travelled 6.0 mi from Westminster to Estes Park.

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