April 24, 2016 Live from the road

Norlina, NC - Raleigh, NC

Reported by Arpan DeAngelo 65.0 mi

Puroga from Hungary starts the day carrying the Peace Torch. It was a perfect clear, fresh and green day for a morning run.

on the way he met a very friendly Minister at a church he was passing by. who was inspired to share the torch and offer his prayers and wishes for peace.

Himadri, our other Hungarian runner, was enjoying the clear skies and comfortably cool weather as well.

Arpan was the third runner on this team today.

Passing the Torch to Sarankhuu from Mongolia.

...and there he goes.

Sarankhuu finishes his run full of enthusiasm and energy.

Some of the runners met a vey nice local man who showed them some of the nice sites on his property.

Akbota helps to prepare lunch for the team in the camper van we call the R.V. It serves as our 'home away from home', or our 'Oneness-Home' on the Peace Run.

Some of our women runners met a young runner, Luci, who was inspired to carry the torch few miles with Yasodevi from Ukraine.

Luci and her father Ken were inspired by our run when her mom saw one of our runners running with the torch. She told Ken and Luci and they came out to meet our women's team and run a few miles with the torch.

Samunnati from Ukaraine enjoys some grassy areas on her run today.

She is all smles after an enjoyable run.

Luana from Germany getting ready to time her run.

Perfect name for a street to carry the Peace torch on.

Akbota from Khazakstan has a scenic run today.

In Raleigh we were met by Lucero from the Time Warner Cable News Station.

She was very inspired by the Peace Run and did a few interviews with some of our runners.

Bill Sax from Raleigh passes the torch to Marjorie Salzman from Raleigh Sister Cities. We are very grateful that so many local people were able to come out to greet us today at the beautiful Capital building in downtown Raleigh.

Prakhara, one of our local coordinators who works very hard and getting the media for us takes her turn at holding the torch and offering her wishes for peace and harmony.

Sarbaga from nearby Carborro makes a wish for peace. We are grateful to her for all she has done for the Peace Run over the years every time we pass through this beautiful area of North Carolina.

Our local coordinator, Mary Gail Walker, gets a turn at holding the torch. We are very grateful to her and her husband Michael for arranging this meeting and for hosting us to a great meal afterwards at their beautiful home in Raleigh.

Our team with some of the local people who came to greet us.

We were then led by Brent and David on a run past their running shop called 'Runology'.

Brent holds the torch with our team and David(with sunglasses), at the steps of their very nice running shop.

Torch carried by
Akbota Jumabayeva (Kazakhstan), Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Himadri Kavai (Hungary), Luana Koch (Germany), Pierre Lantuas (France), Puroga Theobald (Hungary), Salil Wilson (Australia), Sarankhuu Jargal (Mongolia), Tavishi Matthews (Australia), Yashodevi Samar (Ukraine).  
Luana Koch, Pierre Lantuas, Puroga Theobald, Sarankhuu Jargal
The torch has travelled 65.0 mi from Norlina, NC to Raleigh, NC.

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