June 11, 2016 Live from the road

San Fransisco,CA - Gualala, CA

Reported by Pierre Lantuas 93.0 mi

What a better place to start our morning run but by the Golden Gate Bridge.

And we were not the only one to have this idea. This kind monk from Myanmar gave us his best wishes.

Shambu the original executive director joined us for this special occasion.

Good bye San Fransisco, and the famous Alcatraz on the left.

It was time to say good bye to Atul our dear indian runner. Good luck for your sub 3h marathon.

And farewell too to Saranyu who is flying back to Australia.

We started running along a most beautiful coastline.

Trees around here are simply majestic and provide a most welcome shade for the runner.

Time a well diserved rest.

We were invited in a most amazing campground, the Gualala River Redwood Park Campground. Right next to the river and amongst the redwood tree.

We had a wonderful stay at the feet of these giants!

Torch carried by
Akbota Jumabayeva (Kazakhstan), Atul Arora (India), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Josef Sverma (Czech Republic), Pierre Lantuas (France), Pragati Pascale (United States), Pujari Schaffer (United States), Puroga Theobald (Hungary), Salil Wilson (Australia), Sanaz Datubar (Iran), Sarankhuu Jargal (Mongolia), Suhasini Septiarini (Indonesia), Tavishi Matthews (Australia).  
Akbota Jumabayeva, Harita Davies, Pierre Lantuas, Puroga Theobald, Salil Wilson
The torch has travelled 93.0 mi from San Fransisco,CA to Gualala, CA.

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